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Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising, fund raising, fund-raising, fundraiser, fund raiser, or fund-raiser?  No matter how you spell it, is a lot of work!

Fundraising for a particular cause is a great way to promote awareness and contribute to your favorite charity.

The biggest decision is deciding what type of fundraiser to do.

There are many possibilities that require just a little effort.

1. Sell lapel or cap pin tacs.

A. Choose your charity

B. Contact us for group discounts

C. We will suggest our best selling lapel pin tacs for your cause

D. Assemble your team of volunteers

E. Start with small quantities and order extras when needed

F. Distribute pins to volunteers to sell

Your group or team orders an inventory of pins to be sold by your volunteers. The pins are provided to your volunteers who sell the product, deliver it, and collect payment all in one trip.

Each volunteer has a passion for your cause and has many friends and family members that will gladly purchase the lapel pins and show their support.

Pre-sell, with brochures is another possibility. This is a little to no out of pocket way to earn money.  Make a brochure and order form. Use your own computer and printer to design.  Feel free to copy our picture of the pin for your brochure.

Distribute brochures to volunteers to show potential supporters and take orders.  If you are selling one pin,  a sample helps make the sale.  Supporters place the order and pay for the product in advance.

Set a date for orders to be turned in and make sure the supporter is given an approximate delivery date. Tally the orders and place order. Order will be sent to the contact person for your group fund raiser.

Your volunteers and team members deliver the pins to your supporters.  A good way to raise money on a limited budget.  It does require a bit more time as two trips are required.

Fundraising should be a passion and fun for all volunteers.  Working together is fun and rewarding.

Incentive prizes for your volunteers spark a competitive fire that will encourage more sales.

We work with our local Relay for Life and donate a portion of the proceeds from all website and Ebay sales to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.

Good luck in your fundraising efforts.